BUBBLE WRAP®Wholesale- 10 x 700 ft x 12"- Small Bubble 3/16"- perforated every 12" Core included (40 rolls x 175 ft = 7000 ft)

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Extremely fast, cheap and wonderful

I have ordered a couple of times from Ghalys. Always a fast delivery, nice customer service and calm contacts. I really appreciate them and I especially like their sales!

5 stars for value

Have been using name brand bubble wrap and wanted to try a lower cost substitute. I’m pretty happy with this wrap so far. The cells are more plump (more air per cell) than I’m used to. Not sure if this helps increase protection or make the bubbles mor susceptible to popping.Cons: Very long delivery time, shipped in an oversized bag (no box). Mine arrived in good condition, but seems risky to ship it that way.

Amazon Customer
Most bang for your buck

First package was lost no fault of the seller and they promptly sent me a replacement, when I requested. Great customer service and the product is good.

Good value

Might not be 700', but still a great value for the price.

GoGo J.K.
t saved my money, it is not 700 ft actually 500ft

It is acceptable quality for wrapping my fragile items, cheaper then other sellers, however it is not 700 ft actually 500ft, I count it 125 ft each roll. total 4 rolls of 125 ftHot only this seller, may of sellers are not correct information. they should count it all.

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