Lifetime 10' x 8' Rough Cut Outdoor Storage Shed

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Pretty nice building... If you have the patience to put it together

This bad boy can ONLY be properly put together with at least 2 people. Complete pain in the butt!! Seemed very flimsy at first, but once it's all together it seems very well built. There seems like a million pieces and steps and is a minimum of an all day job. Otherwise, it looks good and stores well. No water intrusion (we've had heavy rain and snow 3 or 4 days over the past week).

Looks like a play house.

I like the look & design. It comes with 2 shelves & 5 double hooks that there are slots for but you cannot order more. They only have a 16" pegboard with hooks that you can order. The "Lifetime" logo is mounted upside down on my door.

Some Basic Hand Tool Skills Required

The instructions couldn’t be clearer even if a couple of fastening points could use a different connector. The instructions call for two people for some steps and three people in others. This is NOT a project for one person. Two people definitely makes it easier. I did everything up to roof assembly by myself and had my 6’0” son help me with the roof. I worked on it for 10 hours alone before throwing in the towel and asking for help. The roof went on in three hours with two people. I would buy it again. There is a pro assembling these on YouTube named “Rubber Toe Assembly”. I strongly suggest watching his videos before you purchase to decide if this project is something you want to tackle.

Love it

Best investment

Don’t be intimidated by all the bags and parts

Take the time to do it right, I recommend scanning the instruction page for the video, watching it makes it go smoother and takes the guesswork out of it...the foundation MUST be level or the doors are going to be a problem (won’t close/latch). I abandoned the pain in the ass tape sealant and just used silicone caulk. In the end, it’s a great product and worth the effort. Took me and a helper 4 hours to complete prep assembly, then 5 hours to erect walls and complete the shed... spread over 2 days.

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