Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Carpet Cleaner, 1550V

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This vacuum is a dream!

Wow! This vacuum is a dream! So many great features and easy to use too! The designers really put some thought into this and it amounts to a great vacuum on many levels. Love how easy it is to dump out the canister. Love how powerful the suction is. Love all the attachments to get all the places not just the middle of the floor.If I could pack this in a suitcase I would take it everywhere I go. Because after you use it, you KNOW your floor is clean!

Better than my Dyson!

I bought this vacuum hesitantly after reading some of the reviews. I bought the extra belts just in case. My previous vacuum was a Dyson which was amazing but It broke suddenly and I couldn't afford another Dyson on such short notice. With that being said, I don't regret this purchase at all. It's perfect for me. Works great on out carpet, tile, and hardwood. Also goes great onto small rugs, my Dyson didn't even do that! I love the retractable cord, and how the vacuum swivels. I highly recommend this vacuum, if you're in the fence, do it!


This is one of the best purchases of the year.Not only is it a powerhouse, it's also easy to clean, something I had trouble with with a previous vac. It takes about ten seconds, if that, and if I need to clean the filter, that takes only a couple of minutes. Most of the time I just plug it in and go.We have three dogs, so I use it multiple times a week. It's good on hardwood, area rugs, smaller rugs (just use your foot to keep the rug from pulling), and carpet. The triangle corner sucker thing? Amazing for under the couch and under the pantry shelves. And the retractable cord? Worth the few extra dollars. One less thing to worry about at the end of the day.If you're wondering if it can hack it, let me tell you:Dirt, small rocks, bits of branches and wood and cardboard, dog food, egg shells, coffee grounds, fluff from stuffed animals, strips of cloth (sometimes they get stuck in the roller, but they're easy to pull right back off), paper, yarn... yeah basically anything that's on your floor it can suck up. That also means that you need to move anything you do not want sucked up (like shoe laces). Would advise not to suck up too much wood or metal, as it can't be good for the vac.The mini roller thing for fur and hair? Works a charm on our cheap suede couch, and on my older armchair. There's a learning curve, but it's worth it.Give this thing a test run on an area rug. Start it cleaned out, and then vac the whole thing. You'll be amazed (you know I was.)Cheers.

Clean the belt at least at every big uses!

We’re a family of 6 and often end up having hair all over the carpet, this thing does the job but I recommend cleaning it at every big uses as the belt doesn’t seem to register well when packed with dust and starts smelling like something burnt.Easy to disassemble and put back. I can wash all of it with soap, I put them outside to dry in the sun before putting it back.

Great Vacuum

My trusty Hover Wind Tunnel just wasn't cutting it after 20+ years, so it was time to find a new vacuum. Of course I looked at the Wind Tunnels, but this Bissell caught my eye. After doing research, reading the reviews and the fact that it was priced well, I decided to get this one. It was easy to assemble and has some great features.I have hardwoods everywhere in my house except the bedrooms and I find that keeping it at the highest setting works well for both scenarios. The auto retracting cord reel is such a bonus. The waste bin area is not overly large, but I can clean most of the house without having to empty it...which is a breeze by the way. It's relatively light and has a couple places to grab when you're moving it up or down stairs.I know this is supposed to be a model that's good with hair and even though I haven't had a dog for nearly a year now, it's still pulling hair out of the carpet. That's impressive.The only things I've had any issue with aren't really issues at all...more like user familiarity. This is my first time using a vacuum with a Dyson-like pivot ball type of design. It's a little weird to me, but I'm sure it'll be perfectly normal once I get the hang of it. The other thing is the small hose attachment with the little beater in it. I used this recently when cleaning the carpet in my truck and if you angle it too far forward the beater stops...if you angle it too far back, it's not effective. Once I got the hang of it, it worked great. Again, these aren't really negative points, just something you will need to get the hang of.Overall, this is a great product at a good price and I would certainly recommend it for anyone looking for a medium to heavy duty household vacuum.

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