BLUE Buffalo Health Bars Crunchy Dog Treat Biscuits, Bacon, Egg & Cheese (5 lbs.)

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Make the tasty breakfast biscuit for small dogs

My dog really seems to love these biscuits! He gets one every morning as a "breakfast biscuit" after he does his biz. They are large biscuit and my dog is small ,so I only give him one of these of biscuits a day. He's pretty picky and won't touch a Milk-Bone biscuit ,so I have to assume that these are pretty good. He's always drooling for this biscuits ,so I guess by dog standards ,this is a winner.

My puppy loves these!

I ordered a few different flavors and gifted a few bags to friends for Christmas. So far everyone’s comments were positive. 4 dogs including mine seem to love them.My little 5 month old puppy (only 6 lbs!) love these!!! Although If he were to eat one whole cookie, that would be 1/4 of his daily calorie intake 😁 so we break them into 4 small pieces and he gets a quarter of it every day.I wish they had smaller sizes for small breeds.

My picky eaters love these

I have 2 picky 4 pound dogs who only eat homemade fresh food and are old with no teeth. They steal these from our other dog and gum them like crazy. Now I crumble them and they go crazy over them.

Blue Buffalo Crunchy Dog Treats Are Great

While many vets have their favorite animal foods, I've only had one vet tell me that they loved any pet foods, but that one vet that did, said she loved Blue Buffalo pet foods. So, in general, I'm hooked on Blue Buffalo and Science Diet for all my pet foods. Having owned many dogs, I now have only cats, but on my daily walks I pass several dogs, and so I carry these dog treats for them. The dogs all seem to like the BB dog treats, and look forward to me on my daily walks. I have told BB that the packaging could use some help (invariably there are some broken dog biscuits), but otherwise, the treats are good. Treats are good, packaging could use some improvement.

Fantastic Dog Food & Treats

My dog loves these. He is a pitbull. The guy who installed invisible fence recommended them because of real ingredients instead of 'manufactured' stuff. You can really tell the difference. His coat is so shiny. He get all kinds of comments when we are at the park. He goes nuts and you have his full attention. We also use the Blue Buffalo dry food. That's all he has ever had. It's been well worth the money over the years.

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