Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate Powder, Rich Chocolate (90 servings)

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Awful powder smell, but amazing taste!

Let me start off with saying, this protein powder in its raw form (before mixing) smells like dirt with a dash of chemicals on the side. I have no idea what causes it, but opening up the product and being met with that smell was not promising. HOWEVER, this stuff is the BOMB.com. It’s by far one of the best tasting chocolate protein powders I have ever tried. I’ve had a lot of bad ones in my days. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and doesn’t taste chemically or whey-like in anyway. The dirt smell goes away after mixing it with water/milk. 10/10 recommend!

Delicious and nutritious protein powder that covers all the bases.

This was my first adventure into protein shakes. Previously to add the additional protein I needed into my diet I was eating pure protein bars. So far I’ve not regret switching to this product.This product contains a variety of aminos and important additives to help with building muscular weight. This is something I’ve not experienced with the protein bars and have noticed an impact.The taste is great, I purchased the chocolate flavor and it is very sweet and good tasting. The powder itself mixed very well with water and provided a smooth drinking experience without noticeable chunks.I had explored other options and found that many included questionable ingredients and did not seem ideal for my picky eating preferences. I enjoy the hydrolyzed whey and the trust the additives.Overall I enjoy this product for daily shakes and intend to purchase more later.

Best protein I've used in years

I have tried proteins from Optimum Nutrition, MyProtein, Cellucor, NitroTech, Pro Action, Body Fortress, and many others and this has been my favorite protein. The big things I look for are mixing ability, taste, and grams of protein per dollar. This protein mixes easily and quickly. I mix with a spoon and within seconds all chunks are completely go. As far as taste goes, I haven't had another protein that is better (I've had Chocolate and Chocolate-Peanut Butter). And while this protein is relatively expensive, it's been worth it for the reasons above and because it doesn't make me nauseous


So before my purchase, i read the reviews from 5 stars to 1 stars and viewed the images posted. I became hesitant to purchase but i had previously bought the cinnamon bun flavor at a vitaminshop and i was very satisfied. I decided to go with my gut feeling and purchase this flavor for i heard many great reviews and LET ME TELL YOU! It smells DELICIOUS. .Now i posted the tub to show everyone how this might look like a rip off because it looks half empty BUT I WEIGHED IT and it's exactly what you're buying!!! The window strip for visibility is there for helpful tricks not to show the buyers it's supposed to be completely full...i weighed the product and it does give me the 725gof protein it states, my scale indicates 880g only because it's considering the weoght of the tub as well. It even says on the product 'sold by weight not by volume'IM VERY PLEASED! THANKS.

Tastes great

This was recommended to me by my nutritionist as I work toward my weight loss goal. It taste fine, but, evendors when using a little extra water, it still doesn't always dissolve. I also don't understand why it comes in a huge bottle and is like half full; that just seems wasteful to me. Other than that, I have no problems. I use it three times a day, so it runs out quickly, so I bought the 3lb container (again, huge container, about a 2/3rds full).

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