Keter Circa 37-Gallon Natural Wood Outdoor Storage Table Deck Box

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Durable good size

Odd to assemble. But once the pieces are in place it is super durable. It holds you to sit on and the inside appears waterproof, but have not begun storing anything in it yet, like pillows and such. When I open it, there is no water in it.

Diameter of a wine barrel

Matches perfect with the keter Adirondack chairs and keter outdoor prep table.All 3 products use a different name for the brown but it is the same color.Its a dark brown.This thing is a little larger than i expected.About the diameter of a wine barrel.But I like it! Good table/storage.

Looks pretty and functional too

It takes a bit of muscle to put it together but once put together it is sturdy and definitely a good looking addition to any porch or patio. It is well engineered and designed, has good capacity and very lightweight. Recommended.

Cute but not for the PNW

This is cute and you can fit a lot in it - my only complaint is when you lift the lid off, if there is any rain on top of it, there is almost no way to prevent water from getting into it. I have been trying to tip it first before removing. I wish the lid was secure so I could just flip it open. I would return this if I had the motivation but it took quite awhile to put together. I am bummed I was hoping to store pool towels inside of it. I live in the PNW so rain is regular.

Great side table/storage area

These Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box are the perfect side table and added bonus of storage! If it rains, throw your cushions and pillow in to keep them dry quickly! They can also be used in photo shoots to allow little dogs to sit on. Underneath that adorable little dog is the Deck Box!They can be a little tedious putting together, and all you need to do is have some arm strength to snap them together, but sometimes it can be difficult. Keep putting them together and eventually you will hear the snapping of the tabs that could not snap together originally.All in all, will be a great addition to my deck.

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