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This Table is Fantastic

I needed something for outdoor cooking prep but the all metal stuff was expensive and seemed over the top for outdoors, so I thought I'd try this.It went together like a dream. Lots of these molded plastic items are really poor fits but this is really well engineered, quality molded and very easy to assemble.It has more than ample storage, a really nice shelf and a quality stainless steel top. Nice fittings for paper towels, hooks for tools and potholders etc.I skipped buying the custom fit, expensive cover for it and went with a $16 large grill cover that is much easier to get on and off and works out just great.

I hated finishing the assembly

I typically dread assembling things, because the directions are horribly written, there are parts missing, or they require some sort of special tool that can only be purchased on a Wednesday from the guy on 5th street that has a van.Being in the UX design world I am admittedly overly critical of the above, but this was the first time I ever assembled something that I was sad when there was nothing left to do but use it. Between the flawless printed instructions, with the accompanying web instructions that included mini-videos for some of the parts where seeing someone do it is helpful to every part having a letter code stamped in a non-noticeable location, it was impossible to get anything wrong.The only tool I needed was a philips-head screwdriver.All of the parts were rugged and joined together with locking mechanisms which fit perfectly. In the places where reinforcement was needed, a simple screw or a bolt was used to keep everything tightly coupled. The nuts all had receptacles where a simple Allen wrench (included) was used and nothing needed to hold the bolt in place.It was really obvious that they had some great writers and process folks in designing the installation.The final unit was solid. The plastic material was much sturdier than the typical Rubbermaid plastics and had a great pattern engraved to make them look even nicer.I know that with such a gushing review that you would think I work for this company or have some sort of affiliation, I do not. I just believe that when something hits on all cylinders, like this, that it is worthy of my time to let others know,Well done Keter.

Easy assembly, sturdy and reinforced well.

First review ever on Amazon. Normally I’m too lazy to take the time and also the reviews on here are ridiculous sometimes so I don’t put a lot of weight into them. However, because I could not believe how well this thing is made I had to go out of my way to make sure this product and this company gets its props.It’s shockingly easy to put together. IKEA should take notes. And you might think that if it’s so easy to put together then it can’t be well made, but that’s what’s so impressive. As you put it together you see how clever each piece was made. Lots of thought put into making it fit well while still being sturdy. Lots of reinforcement throughout. And mostly snap together except where extra strength is needed and that’s where they put a few screws and nuts and bolts. Stainless steel top is great.I would recommend this product to anyone. And I will be looking into other products from this brand for sure.

Easy assembly, sturdy and looks great

Great item. Very easy to put together, most pieces snap together. Bought this as a gift and decided to put it together before we deliver it. The QR code video was a waste of time and didn’t show most steps. Easy to put together, takes about 30 mins, a screwdriver and the supplied Allen wrench.TIP: There are nuts holders that you can’t see well unless you are in really good light, but if you put the nuts in the holders before the screws, they act as a hex wrench. Brilliant! Well thought out.

Arrived broken but replacement piece coming

I would have given this prep table 5 stars, but it arrived damaged. One leg was cracked. I contacted Keter & requested a replacement. It’s in back order thanks to COVID, but it should arrive in a few weeks. If it does, I’ll update the review.It was easy to put together & I had no issues. I wanted something with storage & a large surface area for prep. This piece is exactly what I was looking for.

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