MegaRed 350mg Omega-3 Krill Oil Dietary Supplement (130 ct.)

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You get what you pay for

Yes, MegaRed is more expensive than some generic fish/krill oil, but it's worth it. It doesn't make you smell like a fish oil, it is easy to swallow and we've been taking it for years. I recommend.

Great item

I love these. Little pricey but you pay for what you get. High quality item.

easy to swallow,,,

NO after taste.....

Love it

Awesome product

Helps Me With Torn Rotator Cuff Pain - Yay 😀

I bought these pills because I heard fish oil is best for joint/tissue discomfort. I have a torn rotator cuff that I refuse to get surgery on but it seems like the pain multiplies for each year that I let it go untreated. I hate surgeries and have had friends who have had surgery on their rotator cuff only to find out that it didn’t work and the pain is worse. So yeah no surgery for me and I’m also hesitant to get steroid shots for the pain. As per custom when I am baffled or need more info then I go to Google. I read up a lot about my torn rotator cuff and found out that fish oil was a good option and that Krill was even more beneficial. The next step was to order from Amazon. I have taken fish oil supplements in the past but like other customers have noted that they are huge and hard to swallow and they leave a fishy after taste. After reading many many reviews I decided to purchase this brand of Krill softgels.I have been taking these tablets for over a month and they work. Yes, at almost $40 a bottle it MAY appear that this is pricier than most but it is NOT considering that you have almost a 4 month supply. The pills are tiny in comparison to other fish oils and YES they smell like vanilla. They are easy to swallow and there is no aftertaste. I was kind of nervous taking these because after a week my symptoms were still there. I said to myself “be patient, you can’t expect a miracle overnight” but the problem was that yes... I was expecting this to work fast. After a few good talks with myself I decided to give these pills a chance. In other words I would finish the bottle before posting a review. Funny thing though, about 5 weeks after taking these pills I noticed that the constant pain in my cuff has lessened to almost nothing. I know that these pills are not the cure but I really wanted something to lessen the pain and it did. Ironically I experienced more pain during my sleep because I throw my arms above my head when I sleep. I also move a lot in my sleep. So I felt pain in my right shoulder cuff and lots of soreness during the day as well. As I stated earlier these soft gels are not a cure but they are a good preventative measure and they have lessen my daily pain so yeah I love them.

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