Snow Joe Single-Stage Cordless Electric Hybrid Snow Blower with 40V Battery and Charger

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Good Snow Thrower, a little chunky!

Okay so - It's a great snow thrower, for the most part and it does what I wanted it to do and the price was great. However that said, it IS kind of frustrating to assemble it - bad directions, I had to look at the box to make sense of the thing. The most frustrating part was the metal pin that holds the handle for the angler to the machine for the snow vent rotator - I had to use my own wire element in it because. Once you get the pin they included, in, (if you can even) you'll NEVER get it out. So I again decided to use my own wire, because this thing ended up being a lot bigger when assembled - I live in an apartment, I have no garage, I HAVE to be able to get it back in the box during Spring/Summer/Winter which means disassembling it again. I would have probably been better off with a cordless snow shoveler than this thing but once I detach the handle pieces I will be more than able to easily store this thing. It's not that its huge by any means, just larger than I had anticipated. But it works great. Really helps me get my car dug out in the upstate NY snow!


Good price light Weight

Does a fair amount of work

At first I wasn't happy with this because I've never used a corded snow thrower. After our first heavy snow fall I've come to appreciate this little machine. It works decent for it's size but I do plan on getting a much bigger machine (without the cord of course) that can handle heavier snow but I'm undecided if I want gas or battery operated. So if you don't want to spend double the money like me, just save up a couple more bucks and get something more powerful without the cord.

Did what I bought it for...

Doesn't do corners well but good on the straightaways... I did my 1150sq ft deck in less than 30 min...temp was 10°, wind speed 13 mph out of the north.. cotter pin was a bear: I'm 72, had to use very large screwdriver and hammer. But it did what I wanted it to do, at a very reasonable price, which made me very happy.

Good work horse.

Lightweight. Easy to store. A good work horse. With deep snow, tilt to raise up the front of the blower to get to the snow a little at a time so as to not overtax the snow blower. This works well for flattening built up heavy snow banks at the end of my driveway caused from street plows. Definitely recommend this one!

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