Vega Sport 30g Plant Based Protein Powder and Recovery Chocolate (18 Servings)

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Vega User for 8+ Years

I have been using this protein for nearly 8 years and it is magnificent! I've used it from everything from muscle building (works fast!) at the gym to supplementing my everyday diet because I am a vegetarian (17+ years). It has a colorful spectrum of nutrients essential to muscle/nerve/immune support. Great flavor and mixes easily with fruit, milk alternatives, water, etc. The powder is extra fine, so keep that in mind as you serve it or else you'll look like you just powdered the room!Protein typically needs other minerals and fats to increase it's absorption and bio-availability, and Vega has thought of it all. The BCAAs help rebuild torn muscle fibers if you are using it after workouts. It's the best, most well balanced, veggie protein I've found....and in 17+ years of finding protein supplements, this says a lot. They've clearly done the research on how protein works. It's exciting to see the vegans have a win in creating healthier forms of protein.4 Star: I left off a star because recently there have been many reports of arsenic being found in Vega's protein. I wrote to the company recently to see if their supply had been tested, and they reassured me that it had been. There was an article as early as Feb. 2018 about arsenic being found in Vega, so not sure how resolved that issue is. With that being said, apple seeds and other whole foods have trace amounts of arsenic in them naturally, so I suggest looking at the bigger picture and "picking your poison." Literally, eating an apple could also have the same effect, but the media seems to appreciate sensationalizing tiny facts that aren't actual issues. Not sure how many products are 100% safe and pure now-a-days. If milk doesn't have growth hormones and puss from milking, their containers might have BPA or other chemicals from shipping. Everything comes with a risk and, frankly, of all the big companies doing their best to take responsibility for their processes and care about their consumers, I still trust Vega. I will keep an eye on this story, but would still recommend their protein.

Five Stars

The old formulation was better than the new one.

Five Stars


Five Stars

Amazing taste and no gas. Kinda pricey per serving.

Amazing Protein - The Best I've Ever Tried

Sooo good. Seriously it does not even taste like a protein shake. More like an icecream chocolate malt. My husband is in the fitness industry... so between his 15 years of drinking protein shakes, and my recent excitement about drinking them - this Vega protein is the very BEST either of us has ever tried. The macros are on point, and a truly natural protein shake is pretty rare. No artifical anything - especially not those artificial sweeteners that leave you feeling bloated! Vega is the absolute best, and the chocolate flavor is to die for. I love the vanilla flavor as well... but I just had a chocolate shake with banana, peanut butter, and almond milk.... OMG to die for. Tastes like dessert, but so healthy for you. I would absolutely recommend to everyone. I got my Dad drinking them now too. All chocoholics, this is a healthy alternative for you!! 5 stars!

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